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Double Dog Dare

A Marauders Era Role Playing Community

A Marauders Era RPG
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This is a Marauders Era role playing community for role-players to write in-character journals that begins in the middle of the Marauders' Fifth Year - or 1975. Our community will follow the lives of students of all Houses and years, and will include the evolution of the Death Eaters at Hogwarts and the events leading up to The Prank, as well as any other stories that happen to occur.

Warning: There may be adult content in this community or the journals associated with it.

Double Dog Dare's Rules:

1. All participants must e-mail a moderator before being allowed to join the group. The e-mail must be done in the character of your choice. Mods reserve the right to return your application to you with suggestions for improvement.

2. 16 and over only, please … there will be mild R or PG-13 rated material in some posts. However, no smut please. If, say, your character hooks up with another character in the Room of Requirement, that is all fine and dandy. Feel free to mention this in your journal. But there is no need to describe everything in great detail in romance novel (or worse!) fashion.

3. Slash, femme-slash and het are all welcome

4. No student/teacher or child/adult pairings.

5. OC's are allowed, but Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus are not. For a basic definition of a Mary Sue, look here.

6. Please stick to canon or believable characterizations.

7. No foreign exchange students, cross breeds or cross overs

8. Once accepted, please ensure that your journal name has something to do with the character you are playing.

9. No netspeak of any kind. (In either your character’s journal or the comm, please. Remember that this is pre-computer time period we’re working in and thus, netspeak wouldn’t even have existed.)

10. No OOC posts, please.

11. No (OOC) bullying, flaming or controlling. (As in – it is perfectly acceptable for Sirius and James to bully Snape in a plotline. However, if the person who plays Snape were to threaten, flame, or try to control the person who played Peter, to make Peter do what Snape wanted, s/he would be put on moderated status or possibly even banned.)

12. Please, only one plot in the community at a time. You may have as many plots going on in your character’s personal journals as you can handle so long as they do not conflict.

13. You’re encouraged to start plots on your own, but killing someone off or any other major catastrophic event requires guidance from the moderator.

14. The journals are to be treated as just that - journals that have somehow, magically, perhaps, become public. The community is where you post all things you want anyone to be able to respond to. Your character's journal is where you post things you want only those you share a dorm with (or are friends with/close to your character) to be able to respond to. If you want only certain people to be able to respond to things within that journal, please place said entries behind an lj-cut. (Example: lj-cut would say “Private” or “For the Eyes of Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Prongs Only”) Anyone OOC can read this, but the knowledge gained may not be used IC.

15. Owls (Letters) are allowed. They may only be sent via the community - never in someone's personal journal. Further, they are to be placed behind lj-cuts with text that reads Owl for ____, and only the party it's meant for may respond to it. And they may respond in any manner they wish - privately, publicly, or not at all. (Example: Let's say Sirius is sending an Owl to Remus. His lj-cut would say "Owl for Moony". Remus could either comment privately to Sirius, or even stand up and shout quite indignantly to the Great Hall about the insults that Sirius is (teasingly) spewing about his mother. Or Remus may ignore him. Remus’s choice.)

16. If you use the music choice on your livejournal, please make sure it is period appropriate. Remember this is 1975 in England.

In order to join, you must copy and answer the following questions in character into an e-mail and send it to double_dog_dare_mods@hotmail.com. Please be as thorough as possible.

Full name of character:


House Desired (if original character):

Magical background:

Family background:

Favorite class:

Least favorite class:


Brief physical description:

Misc (likes and dislikes, etc):

Applying for Gameplay

Below is a list of taken characters, divided by House and then by year. Names in blue are Quidditch players. Names in green are Death Eaters/potential Death Eaters. Names in red are both. Names that are neither are black.


Year Five

Sirius Black - snufflesmajoris
Lily Evans - ladylilyevans
Remus Lupin - mssrmoony
James Potter - mssrprongs

Available Characters

Below is a list of available characters, divided first by House and then by year. For now, this list consists of only canon characters. In time, OC names may be added to the list.


Year Five

Peter Pettigrew


Year Six

Dorcas Meadowes

Year Five

Edgar Bones


Year Six

Gabriel Nott

Year Five

Severus Snape

Year Four

Narcissa Black
Regulus Black
Walden McNair

Graduated Students

As far as involvement in plotlines in the main community, these characters would interact on an owl-only basis.

Bellatrix LeStrange
Lucius Malfoy
Andromeda Tonks
Ted Tonks

Your friendly mods for this game are cow_girl_2003, hansbekhart, and lilchickadee. (Who promises not to bite too hard. Honest!) If you have a problem, please e-mail us at double_dog_dare_mods@hotmail.com. If you have a problem that needs immediate attention, lilchickadee is almost always on AIM. Her screen name is lilchickadee285.