Padfoot's Ponderments (snufflesmajoris) wrote in double_dog_dare,
Padfoot's Ponderments

Another minor note.

In the key of A flat minor, if you will, Maestro...

Er, pardon? Oh. Messr Padfoot at your service. I just thought I'd clear up a few posting regulations that I believe my compatriot unintentionally missed in his last post.

1. You are welcomed, encouraged even, to create your own plotlines. (So long as they are in character!) And please, only one major plot line at a time. (That means one plot line occuring in the community at once. You may have as many plot lines going on in your character's livejournals as you can handle.)

2. Major events, such as killing another character, without the express permission of a moderator, are unallowed.

3. The journals are to be treated as just that - journals that have somehow, magically, perhaps, become public. The community is where you post all things you want anyone to be able to respond to. Your character's journal is where you post things you want only those you share a dorm with to be able to respond to. If you want only certain people to be able to respond to things, please place said entries behind an lj-cut.

4. Owls are allowed. However, they are to be placed behind lj-cuts with text that reads Owl for ____, and only the party it's meant for may respond to it. And they may respond in any manner they wish - privately, publically, or not at all. (Example: Let's say I'm sending an Owl to Moony. My lj cut would say "Owl for Moony". He could either comment privately to me, or even stand up and shout quite indignatly to the Great Hall about the insults that I'm spewing about his mother. Or he may ignore me. His choice.)

5. If you use the music choice on your livejournal, please make sure it is period appropriate. Remember this is 1976 in England.
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