The Boards are up and running

I just wanted to note to you all that look at this community. You must think we are a dead lot, but actually the community is more of an Admin forum, if you would like to see our member's journal's click the friends link!

Now then,
WE GOT THE BOARDS SET UP! ATLAST! After a crap load of work!
You may find them here http://pub32.ezboard.com/bdoubledogdare

In order to become a member, please set up an ezboard account that is as close to your RPG name as possible (I am mssrprongs). For some of you, that means making a new account. Unless you have ezsupporter, you need a different email address. This can be easily accomplished, create a new hotmail or yahoo account (its free) and go from there.

You may notice that each house has their own board. Once you have joined the boards, please email us, tell us your ezboard name and house and we will give you the password. No cheating, we know who is in what house.

Now, we are on a trial right now, to see how it goes, you all have 27 days to prove to us that these are going to work and be used. If so, we will consider paying to keep the boards up. It will be up to *you* all if we keep the boards or not.



Another note ...

Also, I'd like to add, if for any reason we ask you to do a rewrite on your character sheet, don't be offended! We just want to find out as much as possible about your character and the way you'll be playing. A request for a rewrite is NOT a rejection.

- The Admin Team.

A Note

Hello All,

I would like to remind everyone that wants to join this little group of ours to read over the posting instructions VERY carefully. We really don't want Mary Sue like characters here, we want human beings, with flaws, just like everyone else. It isn't very much fun to read about a Mary Sue who saves the world and does everything right! If you have no idea what I mean when I say "Mary Sue", there is a link on the User Info page that will help you out, make sure to look there! Still have questions? Unsure about anything AFTER reading the provided informantion? Please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We are students, remember, so please keep that in mind if there is a deley with our response, we will try to respond to everyone in a prompt fashion.
Thank you all!

The Administration Team

Another minor note.

In the key of A flat minor, if you will, Maestro...

Er, pardon? Oh. Messr Padfoot at your service. I just thought I'd clear up a few posting regulations that I believe my compatriot unintentionally missed in his last post.

1. You are welcomed, encouraged even, to create your own plotlines. (So long as they are in character!) And please, only one major plot line at a time. (That means one plot line occuring in the community at once. You may have as many plot lines going on in your character's livejournals as you can handle.)

2. Major events, such as killing another character, without the express permission of a moderator, are unallowed.

3. The journals are to be treated as just that - journals that have somehow, magically, perhaps, become public. The community is where you post all things you want anyone to be able to respond to. Your character's journal is where you post things you want only those you share a dorm with to be able to respond to. If you want only certain people to be able to respond to things, please place said entries behind an lj-cut.

4. Owls are allowed. However, they are to be placed behind lj-cuts with text that reads Owl for ____, and only the party it's meant for may respond to it. And they may respond in any manner they wish - privately, publically, or not at all. (Example: Let's say I'm sending an Owl to Moony. My lj cut would say "Owl for Moony". He could either comment privately to me, or even stand up and shout quite indignatly to the Great Hall about the insults that I'm spewing about his mother. Or he may ignore me. His choice.)

5. If you use the music choice on your livejournal, please make sure it is period appropriate. Remember this is 1976 in England.

Welcome to Double Dog Dare

Hello everyone, and welcome to Double Dog Dare!
Our mission is to create an open, friendly Harry Potter RPG set in the Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs era. Your friendly administrators Moony, Padfoot, and Prongs can be reached at the email address listed if you have any questions. (Dont worry, other posts will be in character, but we needed an admin post to start us off)
The purpose of this RPG is to recreate the time these boys had at Hogwarts, begining in 6th year. You are welcome to create a character, or choose one from canon that is not already taken to represent, as long as you follow the rules. Please read the rules carefully, and copy and paste the form to join into an email and send it to the address listed and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that the administrators have lives, all three of us are in college, so please be patient with us! Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Have a great time!
AROO! Arf! Nhg!
The Administration Team

1. All participants must email the administrators before being allowed to join the group, and email must be done in character of your choice (see the form below). Admin reserve the right to reassign you to a different character or edit/reject the character if it does not meet guidlines.

2. OC's are allowed, but no Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus. Standard definition applies, and what constitutes a Mary-Sue is up to the discretion of the administration.

3. You’re encouraged to start plots on your own, but killing someone off or any other catastrophic event requires guidance from the administrator(s).

4. No bullying, flaming or controlling of any kind, we are hoping to get a boad up and running at some point, more to be announced on this later.

5. No student/teacher or child/adult pairings (please keep your pairings believable).

6. Slash, femme-slash and het all welcome with in reason.

7.No netspeak of any kind.

8.Please stick to canon or believable characterizations.

9.No OOC posts, please.

10.Please have a journal name that has something to do with the character you are playing.

11.You have to have read at least most of the books.

12. 16 and over only, please … there will be R or PG-13 rated material in posts.

13. No exchange students or cross breeds or cross overs.


Full Name of Character:



Magical background:

Family background:

Favorite class:

Least favorite class:


Breif physical description:

Misc (likes and dislikes, etc):